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Flight + hotel getaways

Flight + Hotel

Thinking about your next getaway? Do you feel like going on a trip? Destinia makes it easy for you, so all you have to do is enjoy. Find the trip that’s right for you with the flight+hotel finder on our website.
You have thousands of options and destinations to choose from, countries to discover, cities to visit, museums to tour and landscapes to admire. You have a whole world of possibilities.
In the Destinia search engine, choose your origin, a destination from among the wide variety we have to offer, your flight options, ticket type (business, tourist, etc.), the number of travellers, schedules and the hotel that is most to your liking. Simple, quick and convenient. They’re all advantages! By booking your flight and hotel at the same time, you can find the best option for your trip, get the best prices and schedules for your flights and chose the best available hotels. What are you waiting for? Set your inner traveller free!

Flight + hotel deals for destinations in United Arab Emirates

  • London - Dubai

    Outbound: 02/11/2016 Inbound: 05/11/2016
    Lodging in: Dubai Palm - 3
  • London - Abu Dhabi

    Outbound: 27/10/2016 Inbound: 30/10/2016
    Lodging in: Nehal by Bin Majid Hotels & Resorts - 3
  • Manchester - Dubai

    Outbound: 29/10/2016 Inbound: 01/11/2016
    Lodging in: Dubai Grand - 3
  • Birmingham - Dubai

    Outbound: 23/12/2016 Inbound: 26/12/2016
    Lodging in: Zain International - 3
  • Manchester - Abu Dhabi

    Outbound: 10/11/2016 Inbound: 13/11/2016
    Lodging in: Ramee Rose Hotel Apartments - 3
  • Glasgow - Dubai

    Outbound: 17/12/2016 Inbound: 20/12/2016
    Lodging in: Smana Hotel Al Raffa - 3

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