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Hotels in San Salvador

Average price per hotel night and category in San Salvador for the following weeks

2 2 Stars hotel 3 3 Stars hotel 4 4 Stars hotel 5 5 Stars hotel
2/20/17 - 2/26/17 2 2 Stars hotel AED97 3 3 Stars hotel AED136 4 4 Stars hotel AED218 5 5 Stars hotel AED276
2/27/17 - 3/5/17 2 2 Stars hotel AED118 3 3 Stars hotel AED259 4 4 Stars hotel AED266 5 5 Stars hotel AED546
3/6/17 - 3/12/17 2 2 Stars hotel AED142 3 3 Stars hotel AED248 4 4 Stars hotel AED399 5 5 Stars hotel AED603
3/13/17 - 3/19/17 2 2 Stars hotel AED77 3 3 Stars hotel AED84 4 4 Stars hotel AED105 5 5 Stars hotel AED461

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About San Salvador

Capital of El Salvador, San Salvador is the main city of the Republic and the country’s economic motor. The origin of the names of both country and the city has a strong catholic root, as it refers to Jesus as the savior of the world. Like the surrounding cities, its origin goes back to the 16th century when Spanish colonizers wrested control of the land from the indigenous peoples.
San Salvador enjoys a tropical climate, making it a wonderful place to visit at any time of year. The country’s climate has allowed it to profit from the lucrative production of coffee, now one of its main sources of revenue.
The country’s main points of touristic interest are based on three basic pillars: nature, architectural and colonial culture, and pre-colonial archaeological sites. As the main point of entry and departure for the country, the city is attractive; it houses the monument to El Salvador, the National Theater and Palace, the Cemetery of the Illustrious and the Casa Dueñas. But beyond the boundaries of San Salvador one can feast one’s eyes on Cerro Verde National Park, the colorful city of Apaneca, the Balboa Natural History Park, the archaeological site of Chalchuapa, Ciudad Arce, Conchagua Volcano, the colonial city of Sunchitobo, Pital, the highest point in El Salvador, the Gulf of Fonseca and the island of Menaguera and the city of Izalco. Whether you seek mangroves, beautiful beaches, museums, restaurants, nightlife or just souvenir shopping, sometimes even the smallest countries contain the greatest treasures.
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In San Salvador we will have few clouds, the day will be very hot; beware of heat stroke.

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