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Hotels in Puerto de la Cruz

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12/5/16 - 12/11/16 1 Stars hotel AED93 2 Stars hotel AED83 3 Stars hotel AED149 4 Stars hotel AED229 5 Stars hotel AED330
12/12/16 - 12/18/16 1 Stars hotel AED86 2 Stars hotel AED76 3 Stars hotel AED151 4 Stars hotel AED339 5 Stars hotel AED310
12/19/16 - 12/25/16 1 Stars hotel AED130 2 Stars hotel AED128 3 Stars hotel AED133 4 Stars hotel AED384 5 Stars hotel AED527
12/26/16 - 1/1/17 1 Stars hotel AED176 2 Stars hotel AED144 3 Stars hotel AED262 4 Stars hotel AED412 5 Stars hotel AED916

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About Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife contains four beaches: El Muelle, Martiánez, and Playa Jardín, and Playa San Telmo
The best known is Playa Jardín. An artificial beach, it is the principal bathing area in the northern part of the island. It owes the architecture of its coast to the artist César Manrique who greatly respected the orography of this region. The sand of this beach is fine and black – a reminder of the volcanic origin of the rocks on which it sits.
Playa Jardín is without a doubt one of the most popular beaches (despite its lack of accessibility for the handicapped) and the beach’s quality is confirmed by the EU’s Blue Flag waving above.
Playa de Muelle, found in the wharves of Puerto, is less popular, but contains the majority of the area’s restaurants.
Martiánez has the peculiarity of being surrounded by natural pools, and it also tends to be very popular, though not to the same extent as Playa Jardin.
At night you can choose from various locations to have a good time; and although it is not characterized by having a very wild night life, there is no lack of fun. One of the sites to visit is the seventeenth-century canary house, called Ábaco, where they celebrate banquets but where you can also have a glass of something. Discotheques like Vampis have become very exclusive.
And to pass the day, the Botanical Garden, the wharves, the banana plantation of El Guanche, the Park Taoro, and the Loro Parque are, to mention only a few, wonderfully interesting places to visit.

Points of Interest in Puerto de la Cruz

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In Puerto de la Cruz we will have light rain, soft clothing is advised as the temperatures will be warm throughout the day.

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